Tranquility, long beaches and perfect climate…this is what to be found along the 2 500 km long cost line of Mozambique. As a former Portuguese colony the combination of Africa and Portugal is always present, creating a unique destination that has not yet been fully discovered but still has the infrastructure and development for a comfortable vacation.

What can we do?

Many of the popular destinations in Mozambique are perfect add-ons to a South Africa trip, and we will gladly give you suggestions and book it for your clients. We have agreements with many idyllic lodges along the coast so of course we can also book vacation only in Mozambique.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for inspiration and booking of a full Mozambique holiday or as a complement to a South Africa trip!

Ponta D’ouro

The popular destination Ponta D’ouro (Point of Gold) is found in the Southern part of the country and is full of sandy white beaches, exceptional diving, and a never ending azure blue ocean.

Its location only 10 km from the South African border makes it perfect to combine with a trip to The Kruger National Park or other part of South Africa. There is no need to chose between a Big 5 safari and a tropical beach holiday!

Ponta do Ouro is a 4×4 self drive destination with the nearest airports being either Durban or Maputo. Transfers can be arranged from both destinations, or it is possible to hire a 4×4 for self drive.



The town of Inhambane is located 500 km north of Maputo, and can be reached by tarred road (even though a 4×4 might be needed to reach some lodges) or by plane. The town dates back to the 10th century and is one of the oldest in Mozambique. However, its main attraction is the white paradise beaches such as Tofu and Berra.

This area is also perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling as well as for enjoying fresh sea food. When snorkeling or diving in Berra there is even the chance of seeing whale sharks!



The capital of Mozambique is more than an ordinary city you pass through on the way to the main destination.

This city provides for long walks under the palm trees along the shore, world famous architecture, a bustling night life, delicious sea food and several markets with the famous fabrics of Mozambique.

Its southern location makes it easily accessible from both South Africa and Swaziland and many of Mozambique’s famous beach destinations.