Eswatini is a truly unique destination. This last kingdom of Africa is only 176 km north-south and 135 km east-west but still has a lot to offer. The people of Eswatini are very friendly, and they have an interesting culture which they are proud to show. The country is also full of scenic views, lovely nature and unique crafts.


What can we do for you?

Visiting Eswatini is a perfect excursion if on a self drive in South Africa and is especially close to the Kruger National Park. We give the chance for your clients to see Eswatini as either a part of their self-drive in South Africa or on the way to Mozambique by booking accommodation, giving directions and giving advice on what to see and do.

Nature and adventure

Despite its small size, Eswatini has game reserves and national parks. Eswatini is a lush, mountainous country full of opportunities to camp, hike and bike. There are plenty of well marked hiking trails, passing by waterfalls, zebras and other spectacular views. Eswatini is also a safari destination with several parks, and with Hlane Royal National Park being home to the big 5. These parks are to be explored on a self-drive or on organizes safari. For the more adventurous Eswatini offers exciting activities such as paddling, white-water rafting and horseback riding.



If one is looking for unique and truly handmade gifts and souvenirs then a trip to Eswatini is a must to add on your South Africa tour. At Ngwenya Glass, close to the capital Mbabane, there is a factory, where one can see when the glass is made, as well as shop in the various kinds of small boutiques next to. A short drive away is Baobab Batik and Swazi Candles. These are only a few examples; the country is full of arts and craft!